As Club Owner and Management Member

The club owner is defined by the owner of the inworld Xash server object. Management team members are set on the Xash web page on the "Club Staff" tab.
As club owner, you will have full access to the system, while management team members have slightly reduced privileges (e.g., they cannot see the club earnings, edit the club information and tip jar groups, or edit the Xash page and event board appearances). Management members still have access to the visitor statistics and may add or remove club staff, which regular club staff may not do.

You can get to the Xash web page in management mode by either clicking the Xash server or on the tip jar by selecting "Club Profile" from the menu.
As described in Setup, the Xash web page lets you set and edit club information, tip jar groups, the appearance of the event board, etc., and gives you access to the club statistics (visitors and earnings).

On the tip jars, as a club management member you always have the option to change the parcel's stream URL (regular staff only have that permission if you grant it explicitly in the tip jar group).
As a management member, you are also allowed to change a tip jar's group.

You will of course also have access to all the functions described below.

As Club Staff

Touch the tip jar to get the menu to log in (or to log out when logged in).

Whenever you receive a tip, you'll see a notification in local chat and as a popup menu.

To see the five most recent tips you received, click the respective option in the menu, or, alternatively and faster, long-press the tip jar.

When logging out, a summary of the time you were logged in and the tips you received are chatted to you in local chat.

You get a Xash online profile on which you can

Special Functions for DJs

These functions apply to tip jars with the “change stream” option activated.

When you log in as a DJ for the first time, you are asked to enter your stream URL. On subsequent logins, you are asked to click your stream URL in the menu (you can enter up to 5 URLs if you have more than one stream).

When logging out, you are prompted to select a club radio station to which the stream will be changed. If there is another DJ playing immediately after you, if the “can log in while someone else is logged in” option is enabled in the tip jar group, you will be logged out automatically as soon as the next DJ logs in.

When logged in, you can change the stream URL if needed by touching the tip jar, and then select “Set Stream” from the menu.

When no one is logged into the tip jar, you can still change the club radio station without logging in.

Managing Your Streams

You can update or add new stream URLs when logging in or when logged in by clicking “Set Stream”.
You will get a menu with the following options: