Xash – CTS’s New Club Management System

Xash is our all-in-one web-based club management solution.

It includes tip jars, an event board, and an inworld server for changing streams and tracking visitors.

Xash's web interface displays visitor and earning reports, lets you manage your club's events, and lets you configure the tip jars and event boards.


Tip Jars and Stream Changer

  • Intelligent, fully configurable tip jar system with integrated stream changer for DJs
  • DJs can change the stream on log in and switch to predefined, configurable radio stations on log out
  • Club stream support, in case a DJ doesn't have her own stream
  • Tip jar groups, in order to dedicate tip jars to different types of authorized entertainers (DJs, hosts, dancers) and to dedicated functions (e.g., club donations)
  • Commission settings per tip jar group
  • Fully customizable floating texts and text colors (per tip jar group)
  • Optional profile picture display (per tip jar group)
  • Configurable "Thank You" messages (per tip jar group)
  • Configurable default tip amounts (per tip jar group)
  • Particle emitter when a tip is received (per tip jar group)
  • Tip jars can be linked (e.g., there could be multiple DJ or club donation tip jars; linked tip jars will all display the same floating text)
  • Automatic log out and stream reset after 5 minutes of absence
  • Web-based or group-based access management system
  • Tip jars can dispense club information (notecards with relevant information, landmarks, etc.)
  • Stream setting relay, in case the object setting the parcel stream has to be deeded to a land group

Visitor Tracker

  • Visitor tracker, displaying various useful statistics (visitor list, number of daily/weekly/monthly visitors, visit durations, traffic, etc.) on the Xash web interface
  • New arrivals are announced to any present club management staff

Event Board

  • Event board, showing the current and upcoming events with the profile image of the main entertainer
  • Configurable fonts and colors

Club Web Page

  • Publicly accessible club web page to promote your club
  • Use your own club image as banner
  • Displays the current and a list of upcoming events

Entertainer Profiles

  • Entertainers can define their own profiles, showing information on the club web page
  • Entertainers can view earning statistics (list of tips and tippers, aggregated tip amounts, tip amount statistics, log in times)
The default tip jar delivered with Xash
Visitor statistics on the Xash web page
The Xash event board, delivered as a plain board to be integrated into your own build
Events on the Xash web page
A sample of the public club web page