Managing Archived Content

When you touch the Archive, you get three options to manage its contents:

The Archive also assists you if you want to manage the drawer contents or the drawer object by the "native" viewer means. If you click Open Drawer in the menu, you are asked to select a drawer, which will then slide out. When you choose "Edit" from the context menu after right-clicking the Archive and ticking "Edit linked", you can select the drawer and inspect and manage it's contents.

To rename a drawer, select it in your viewer, and then give it a new name in viewer's object inspector.

You can also delete an entire drawer by unlinking it from the Archive (press Ctrl+Shift+L) and then deleting it.

Please note that if you're using the Wardrobe integration, the Wardrobe items won't be updated when you interact directly with a drawer's contents (i.e., add to or delete from it, or if you unlink and delete the entire drawer). However, it is safe to rename the drawer.