Artwork by Lisa Figueroa

  • Box up and store things you no longer actively need.
  • Store existing boxes or rez a basket to box up your items.
  • Organize your archived items in drawers.
  • Search and retrieve stored items easily.
  • Seamless Wardrobe integration.

The Archive comes as a copyable cabinet, in which you can store boxes you don't want to clutter your inventory with (i.e., boxes and shopping bags as they come from designers and creators), and baskets you can fill with your own things that you don't actively need anymore in your inventory.

The Archive's fundamental organizing principle are drawers, into which you'll categorize your items for easier handling, search, and retrieval. Of course, the Archive includes a search function that searches all drawers, and gives you commands to retrieve or delete boxes from your Archive.

Adding a box to the Archive is as easy as Ctrl+dragging the box onto the Archive. All you have to do then is tell it which drawer to put it into.

To box up your own items (always put them in boxes! don't just randomly drop notecards, landmarks, or objects etc. in there!), the Archive rezzes a basket for you which you can fill with your things, and it will visually indicate that there is something in it. If you use a viewer with zdrop support, copy and paste the command chatted to you by the basket, and it will be filled automagically!

Last but not least, the Archive integrates seamlessly with your (CTS) Wardrobe. You can search the Archive directly from your Wardrobe page, you can box up items (e.g., old non-mesh things you don't need anymore) by clicking the "Archiving" icon, and the Archive will rez a basket for you, and you can retrieve a box by clicking the "Unarchiving" icon. If you drag a box to the Archive, it will ask you if you want to associate it with an item in your Wardrobe, and if you choose to do so, you can later retrieve the box by also clicking the "Unarchiving" icon.

A big thank you to Karthikeyan Engineer, the owner of MADRAS, for designing and creating the mesh cabinet.