Automatic Camera Control

The Spyglass has to modes of automatic camera controls. It can automatically focus

To enable an autofocus mode, click the menu button to open the menu, then click the "Camera" button and choose "Autofocus." The next menu will give you the autofocus mode selection.

Usually, the Spyglass focuses the camera only once. If you want to let your camera follow a person, you could turn on "tracking." Open the menu, go to the "Camera" menu, and then choose "Tracking." Clicking that button will turn tracking on/off. (Note that it can't follow smoothly. If you want the camera to follow the avatar smoothly, use the feature built into the Second Life viewer: Hold down the Alt key and click the avatar you want to follow.)

To stop autofocusing and/or tracking you could turn the modes off in the menu or just click the "Reset" button on the HUD.