OnlineMonitor is a gadget that allows you to track online times of avatars. You can track anyone, they don't have to be on your friends list or show their online status if they are in the friends list.

It allows you to record the online times of residents or just let you see who is currently online.

The system is web-based. As such, the OnlineMonitor is controllable off-world through a webpage: It shows the online statuses and provides an interface to configure your system. There are also a few goodies on the webpage, including an online status indicator for your own status that you can build into your own website or blog; so everyone reading your site or blog will know whether you're currently online inworld.

The device comes in two parts, a base station, disguised as a reproduction of Salvador Dalí's "The Persistence of Memory", and a HUD. The base station and the HUD could be used together or separately.

The base station is responsible for recording online times of the residents being tracked, while the HUD simply shows the residents that are currently online. If a resident is in the same sim, also the position will be shown.